Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation Donates to the Family Program

Region of Peel, July 7 2021 – Over the past 15 months food insecurity has been at its highest peak, especially with families in our most vulnerable communities, our newcomers and those forced into temporary poverty due to Covid19. Thankful for our BGC Peel families we have been very lucky to have such amazing community partners that have risen to the challenge to help those in need. Navneet Sharma and her Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation have been a lifeline during these uncertain times, helping to support families navigate these unchartered stormy days.


Today, Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation provided BGC Peel families with male hygiene hampers and grocery gift cards in addition to 40 pre-packaged (Covid safe) hampers (valued at $25 each) and grocery gift cards worth $2000.


This donation via the Community Food Centres of Canada grant could not and would not have been possible without the support and leadership of Brampton South’s MP Sonia Sidhu. Sonia continues to be a champion for families and the ongoing need to improve the quality of life for them across her riding, Brampton and Canada.


“Everyone deserves to be able to put nutritious food on their table, but for many Canadians and their families, the past few months have been difficult and uncertain. During the pandemic, Cancer Warriors and BGC Peel stepped up to support our Brampton community. Their food drive was a success, providing food items and other care products to Brampton families. It was important for me to connect these two local organizations to serve my constituents and I am grateful for their work serving those in need.


With a $ 50,000 grant through the Community Food Centres of Canada Foundation to the Cancer Warrior, these organizations will be able to expand on their visions and uplift our community even further. Our Federal Government proudly supported the CFCC with an additional investment of $100 million through the Federal Emergency Food Security Fund and today’s announcement is an example of this fund delivering for Canadians and ensuring food security in our community. Our Federal Government had Canadians’ backs throughout this pandemic, and we will continue supporting them.” - MP Sonia Sidhu


Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation was started as an initiative to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around cancer. With a belief that service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth, and CWCF tries to contribute every little bit and it is their our continuous endeavor to give back to communities by educating and spreading awareness.


“We as an organization have been doing lot of work during the pandemic like helping patients by providing them the food, doing grocery shopping for patients & seniors, phone counseling on mental health, and an online educational series on various topics. After seeing our work and with the great support of MP Sonia Sidhu & her team our organization has started getting various grants for food donations to help the community. Recently we got the grant from Community Food Centres Canada and because of which we are able to donate food to the organizations like BGC Peel.” - Navneet Sharma


“We at BGC Peel are so thankful for the ongoing support of Navneet, Cancer Warrior Canada Foundation & MP Sonia Sidhu for our families across Brampton and the Region. Without ask or question, both continue to rise up and support families in need, beginning with making sure all bellies are full.”

– Michael J. Gyovai, Executive Director.




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