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Changing lives of young people since 1983, the Boys and Girls Club of Peel engages at-risk children and youth from low-income communities. We provide a safe place for these young people to participate in impactful, fun activities that support the development of confidence, learning and positive relationships. Over 75% of our families have a household income of less than $26,000 per year, living well below the Canadian poverty line. Many of these households have two working parents or a single parent provider leaving children and youth unattended for hours after school.

Studies show that juvenile crime increases dramatically between 3pm to 8pm. This situation, coupled with high poverty, creates an unhealthy and high-risk environment for children and youth. Left unattended, these children and youth are regularly faced with options that too often have negative lifelong implications. The Boys and Girls Club of Peel provides these children and youth a safer and healthier option.


Parents tell us that as a result of their children being in our program, they have witnessed increased self–confidence and self-esteem, increased academic confidence and a sense of belonging.

The following client testimonials demonstrate our impact:

"I am the oldest of three siblings and was raised in a single-parent household. Being the oldest, I faced a lot of challenges. College wasn't something I planned on. Through the Club's scholarship opportunities I received a scholarship to attend college and help with school supplies. I am the first in my family to pursue post secondary school. (17 year old)"

"As for my oldest I watch him transition from the shy reserve kid to this well rounded and responsible teenager... so much so that he is now a leader in the after school program... he has learned to be organized and his self-confidence has improved not only at the program but also in his everyday life and school. ( Mother of a participant)"


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